“On Sunday, Imole, who is the elder, started running a temperature. I called the attention of the doctor to it and he said I should not worry that he would be fine. He said his younger brother was already playing. In the afternoon, one of the nurses came with three injections for Ogooluwa.

I noticed that she used big syringes to give him the injections. She gave him two injections on the thigh and when she was about to give him the third, the liquid escaped from the syringe. She said she would come back to do it again, but she never did.

When Ogoololuwa woke up from sleep, he asked for water. He drank a lot of water. In the evening, the doctor came to check his heartbeat and said he was perfectly normal and he would discharge him. But I told him that the elder brother had not been eating.

He said he would give us drugs and he would also be fine. The doctor discharged the kids and placed them on drugs. While my husband went to clear the bills, the younger boy excreted; the smell was bad and yellowish. I thought it was the injection they gave him. He excreted three times before we left the hospital.”


When I noticed that the excreta did not stop, I decided to take him back to the private hospital. When I wanted to carry him, I noticed that he was not looking fine; I shouted for help. People assisted me to take him to a nearby hospital. On getting there, the person that attended to us asked what happened to the child and who gave him antibiotics.

He said he was reacting to the drugs and that was why he had become pale. He said we should take him away. When I returned home to get clothes for Ogooluwa in order to take him back to Oak Hospital, I met his brother vomiting again. I begged people to take him to a nearby hospital, while I take Ogooluwa to Oak.

When we got to Oak, the doctor that attended to us said there was no blood again in his body and that he had passed on and there was nothing they could do. When I tried to create a scene, my husband held me that what we needed to do was to save the life of the elder brother in the other hospital. The younger brother was buried that night.”


“When someone dies, the family will always want to blame it on one thing or the other. When the woman met me, I had to come out of my leave to meet her personally. When I checked her records, she came in with food poisoning herself and her two children came in with cough; they were managed for cough and discharged.

It was after they were discharged that they came back with food poisoning. I called the medical director to investigate and in her presence, he told her that it was a case of food poisoning. So, before one of them could come in, it was already bad.

It is not the hospital’s fault; antibiotics were prescribed to the child because of cough and antibiotics cannot dry up blood. I checked their files; the antibiotics were prescribed in the right dosage.”

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