Regina Daniel’s that brother survive as the car somersaulted three times but luckily, the young boy came out unhurt and without scratch.

the young actress took to her Instagram page to thank God for the accident.

‘Accident is a bastard
God i thank you for the life of my brother…… not all accidents have testimonies
Brother as nothing happened to you today, nothing will happen to you again
The shock of hearing you are in the hospital, i can never bear
You are my king, God gat you, i gat u, your full family gat u @realsammywest’

Regina’s brother Samuel Daniels, on the other hand, also took to the social platform to say how grateful he was to have survived the accident.

I am SAMUEL In case you don’t know I’ve been anointed by my Heavenly Father I escaped death not because I’m special I am yet to fulfill my purpose on earth I give God all the glory 🙏🙏🙏 car tumbled 3 times while I was driving but came out unscratched


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